Shedding light on advanced technology to detect pre-cancers, cancers at their earliest stages

At Simply Wellness Dental, it is simply a good idea to complement our talented team with the latest technologies. Our dentists, Drs Adi Nokiani, Ashleigh Sran, and Eric Quan, serve East Vancouver, British Columbia, with both diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. These advanced tools support the most comfortable, pleasant, and hassle-free experience, as well as precise and efficient treatment. 

VELscope® is an essential diagnostic technology. Treatments are based on what we know about the underlying condition. By using the VELscope® during regular oral cancer screening, our dentists can often catch pre-cancers and other anomalies at their earliest stages via early detection. Localized cancers are generally far easier to treat than those that have metastasized to neighbouring or distant tissues and organs. 

The science behind VELscope®

During recall appointments, we regularly check for strange lumps, bumps, and other potential signs of oral pre-cancers and cancers. These regular screenings are also accompanied by the VELscope® system. Our patients love this process’s easy, painless, and non-invasive nature. 

Your dentist will simply direct a handheld device toward the tissues they want to evaluate further. Traditionally, instruments have used reflected light to highlight tissue. The VELscope® differs from these tools; it uses blue light technology to activate/”excite” the fluorophore molecules that reside in the deeper layers of tissue. These molecules emit their own light at longer wavelengths, a process of fluorescence. This creates green, yellow, and red shades that stand out in contrast to the surrounding areas of tissue. 

These features make it much easier to identify potential abnormalities requiring prompt intervention. That way, nothing gets missed. Any affected tissue undergoing cellular, structural, or metabolic changes is isolated. These changes frequently correspond with underlying disease. The VELscope® is capable of aiding us detect both cancers at their very earliest stages, as well as “pre-malignant dysplasia,” or those pre-cancers that we ideally want to catch before anything else. If you are due for a visit, contact Simply Wellness Dental today. You do not want to “sit” on any concerns or changes, such as a persistent oral sore, strange discoloured patches, or unexplained problems with swallowing and other functions. Phone your neighbourhood dental office in East Vancouver, BC, at (604) 229-5922, and we’ll see you soon!