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At Simply Wellness Dental, we are pleased to provide restorative dentistry services to our valued neighbours in East Vancouver, British Columbia. Few categories of dental services are as transformative; our dentists, Drs Adi Nokiani, Ashleigh Sran, and Eric Quan, restore the appearance, health, and function of damaged teeth. Additionally, we benefit from the considerable capabilities of Dr. Jason Park. Dr. Park focuses his practice on implants and oral surgery. Many of our patients have benefited from his expertise in modern tooth replacement with implant crowns &  bridges. Additionally, he is highly skilled with periodontal surgeries such as gum grafts.

Dental fillings

For smaller cavities, dental fillings may be appropriate. Materials such as composite resin are prepared to “fill in” the hole or cavity created by the destructive tooth decay process. With good care, no further treatment is necessary. Our fillings look natural and are designed to last. 

3D Implant

Dental inlays and onlays

Our dentists may recommend a dental inlay or onlay for larger fillings and more extensive damage. Inlays are typically made from composite resin or ceramic. They are applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth. For dental onlays, the material is applied to the chewing surface and at least one cusp (the point or tip of the tooth). Onlays are sometimes called “partial crowns” because they present an alternative to full dental crowns. They preserve more tooth structure than crowns. 

Dental crowns 

A variety of materials may be used to make crowns. The crown is shaped from ceramics like porcelain or metals. Sometimes, both metals and ceramics are used. Areas of decay or damage are also removed from the tooth before the crown is applied. It is cemented or fixed securely to the prepared tooth structure. Crowns strengthen teeth weakened by decay, fractures, or other trauma. They are also the “finishing touch” to restore a tooth treated with root canal therapy. Crowns are also attached to implants to replace missing teeth. 

Dental bridges 

Conventional bridges comprise at least one prosthetic tooth and two crowns. This bridge is then cemented to neighboring teeth on either side of a gap where a tooth used to be. Once secured, the bridge fills the gap. The crowned, neighboring teeth serve as anchors to support the replacement tooth. These bridges may be used to replace one tooth or a few teeth.

Dental implants 

Implants surgically placed by Dr. Park function as artificial tooth roots. They hold a crown, bridge, or denture in place. Since this form of tooth replacement is designed to mimic the structure of natural teeth, implants have many benefits. We are happy to discuss these benefits with you during a consultation at our East Vancouver, British Columbia office.

Of course, this is just a glimpse into some of Simply Wellness Dental’s many restorative dentistry services. Schedule your visit by calling (604) 229-5922.