Fast pain relief and prompt emergency care to get you smiling again!

At Simply Wellness Dental, we appreciate that emergencies don’t “keep regular office hours.” For this reason, our team in East Vancouver, British Columbia, provides generous hours throughout the week (and Saturdays!). We also make every effort to accommodate urgent dental matters on the same day. Our dentists, Drs Adi Nokiani, Ashleigh Sran, and Eric Quan, prioritize prompt emergency care. We know that moments can matter when saving a knocked-out tooth. We also empathize with our patients who may be in pain and simply want fast relief from an aching tooth. Whatever the case, we are here for you and welcome your call any time of day or night.

Common dental emergencies 

We urge you to contact us immediately with any concerns that you may have. Depending on the nature of your call, we can advise on ways to provide relief from swelling and pain. These are simply interim steps; the underlying source of your symptoms will not go away on its own. Ultimately, you will require professional treatment to resolve the root cause of the problem. For some common issues, we may provide guidance similar to the following:

  • For potentially irritating or “stuck” food particles, rinse your mouth with warm – not hot – water. Floss gently to try to dislodge any irritating or lingering food debris.
  • For swelling, rinse out your mouth and then gently apply a bag of frozen veggies or a cold compress to the affected area. This will help with any swelling that may be present. Gauze can be applied to sore areas and to ease bleeding (as needed). 
  • For a knocked-out (or “fully avulsed”) tooth, do not disturb the soft tissues that attach to the tooth. If you can carefully and safely put it back in your mouth, do so. Otherwise, store it in a container of milk or tucked in your cheek & bathing in saliva. This step is necessary to prevent vital parts of the tooth from drying out. See your dentist immediately. We may be able to “save” your tooth. If a tooth cannot be preserved, Dr. Jason Park may promptly replace it with dental implants. Dr. Park focuses his practice on this modern form of tooth replacement. 
  • For broken or worn fillings and restorations, a good “band-aid” may be denture adhesive, or even sugar-free gum or toothpaste. These products can help to hold the restoration in place until we can repair it, or we may need to replace the restoration if it is “too far gone.”

Of course, every effort is also made to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place. To book an appointment or get relief from tooth pain, call Simply Wellness Dental in East Vancouver at (604) 229-5922 today.