How we reveal your best smile in just one visit with cosmetic dental bonding

Many of our patients in East Vancouver, British Columbia, have had their smiles transformed quickly, economically, and conservatively with dental bonding. This treatment at the office of Simply Wellness Dental may be appropriate for individuals with a wide array of cosmetic concerns – from an overly “pointy” tooth and distracting chips and cracks to stubborn discolouration and unsightly gaps. 

Basics about a not-so-basic treatment

Dental bonding gets its name from the tooth-like material that is securely applied or “bonded” to the tooth. The material of choice is “composite resin,” or a mix of tooth-coloured plastic and resin. 

Drs Adi Nokiani, Ashleigh Sran, or Eric Quan will select a shade of resin that matches the rest of your teeth for a uniform and natural look. Unlike other cosmetic procedures (such as porcelain veneers), little to no preparation is necessary to improve your smile. Often, no freezing is needed either. The doctor will simply abrade or etch the surface of the treated tooth with a specialized conditioning agent. This liquid helps bond the resin to the tooth’s natural structure. 

Since little to no reduction in natural enamel is needed, bonding is considered a conservative, reversible, and comfortable procedure. Bonding’s counterpart, the indirect veneer or porcelain veneer, is typically made from ceramics in an outside lab. The patient’s tooth must be prepared by removing enamel to make room for the veneer. Whenever enamel is removed, there is some risk of tooth sensitivity or discomfort. Localized anesthetic may be necessary. Generally, these types of procedures are also considered irreversible because the natural tooth structure (enamel) is altered.

Our dentists have recommended bonding to:

  • Close gaps
  • Improve the appearance of other spacing issues
  • Correct chips
  • Cover up stains 
  • Reshape teeth 
  • Resize teeth

Our dentists can prepare, apply, shape, and bond the new tooth structure in just one visit to produce whiter, smoother, more evenly-spaced, properly sized, and regularly shaped teeth. Few options are so versatile. Consider how bleaching treatments eliminate stains or how cosmetic braces and orthodontic treatments only correct alignment. These types of procedures can only address so many dental concerns at a time. 

Due to its unique versatility, bonding is also considered a cost-effective way to transform your smile dramatically. It is also ideal for patients who have dental fear. Those significant sources of dental anxiety, such as shots, anesthesia, and drilling, are not needed to beautify your look and restore optimal function.

While patients with many different conditions have enjoyed the benefits of dental bonding, it is not an answer for every person. If you have a more significant need to restore the function and appearance of your tooth, the team at Simply Wellness Dental has a wide range of other treatment options, which we will be happy to discuss with you. Call (604) 229-5922 to schedule your appointment at our East Vancouver, BC office today.