Learn how to prevent gum disease and support the tissues around your teeth!

At Simply Wellness Dental in East Vancouver, British Columbia, we take the time to get to know you as partners in your oral health. We stay on top of any changes to your health or lifestyle that could increase your risk of developing destructive oral conditions, such as gum disease. By managing and addressing your risk factors, we help keep both your smile and body healthy. Research has shown links between the inflammation and bacteria associated with advanced gum disease and serious medical conditions – from heart disease to dementia.

Staying ahead of disease

Ideally, we want to protect the gums that support and surround your teeth. It is always better to prevent problems than to treat them after they have reared their ugly head. The second best approach is to “catch” the disease at its earliest stage. 

Like tooth decay, periodontal or gum disease is progressive. It starts as gingival inflammation. This early-stage gum inflammation is called gingivitis. The condition is treatable at this phase, and the damage can even be reversed. Without treatment, however, the disease can progress to its advanced stage or periodontitis. 

Advanced gum disease is characterized by a breakdown of the supportive tissues and attachments between the gums and teeth. At this stage, the damage is irreversible. We would have to rebuild or regenerate lost tissue. 

The truth is that gingivitis often produces subtle symptoms, if it produces symptoms at all. This fact underscores the importance of maintaining recall appointments for exams and cleanings at our office. The exam helps to identify problems with the gums before you know you have them. The disease may have progressed by the time you see blood on your toothbrush or in the sink. 

The “cleaning” part of the appointment helps manage all the bad stuff that causes gum disease. Our skilled hygienists remove stubborn, hardened plaque build-up that otherwise cannot be removed with a standard toothbrush. Since we develop strong relationships with our patients, our dentists may advise on healthy habits and modifications specific to your situation. 

You can minimize your risk of developing gum disease by: 

  • Practicing consistent and thorough brushing and flossing techniques
  • Maintaining regular office visits 
  • Taking steps to stop smoking and the use of other products that contain tobacco or nicotine
  • Getting a handle on “comorbidities,” such as diabetes
  • Addressing dry mouth, which can be caused by certain medical conditions and the drugs used to treat them
  • Eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet 
  • Discussing oral appliance therapy or nightguards to reduce the stress placed on the teeth and supportive tissues from conditions like bruxism (chronic teeth grinding)

Depending on what we find during your exam, a “deep cleaning” technique called “scaling and root planing” may be recommended to encourage your gums to heal. We may also prescribe infection-fighting medications or rinses. Do not wait for concerning changes to occur before you contact us. Phone Simply Wellness Dental at (604) 229-5922 to schedule your appointment in East Vancouver, BC today.