The versatility, beauty, and ease of bonding and fillings at your neighbourhood dentist’s office

Composite resin is one of the most versatile dental materials we have at our fingertips to strengthen and beautify damaged or cosmetically “imperfect” teeth. Simply Wellness Dental in East Vancouver, British Columbia, may use this highly aesthetic and durable material to cover up gaps and other cosmetic concerns in the smile. Or, our dentists, Drs Adi Nokiani, Ashleigh Sran, and Eric Quan, may apply composite to repair a tooth with a cavity and restore it to health. We are happy to fill in more details about the dental bonding and filling process.

Get to know bonding 

Composite resin is a plastic material that may contain small glass-like particles, giving it the look of natural tooth enamel. The resin is matched to blend in with the colour of the surrounding tooth and its neighbouring teeth. Once prepared, it is applied to the front surfaces of a tooth that has been conditioned. So, the bond between the tooth and the resin is secure. Resin is applied as a putty-like material. It can be shaped to cover up a wide range of imperfections, including:

  • Excess spacing between teeth 
  • Other modest spacing issues
  • Chips on teeth 
  • Small cracks
  • Intrinsic (internal) discolouration 
  • Stubborn staining that does not respond well to professional bleaching 

It may also be used to lengthen a short or worn tooth and to round a pointy or otherwise irregularly shaped tooth. Bonding can be completed in just one visit. It is a conservative procedure which preserves the natural tooth structure. It is also an affordable alternative to veneers. We look forward to discussing the pros and cons of various options with you.

Brush up on tooth-coloured fillings 

Composite is also used in restorative dentistry treatments. The resin is applied in layers to fill in a cavity. These holes in the teeth are created by progressive dental decay. This condition erodes the tooth structure. Our dentists can prepare dental materials to “fill in” these deficient and damaged areas, thus preserving and restoring the tooth. 

Composite is an excellent choice for filling materials because it: 

  • Looks like natural tooth structure
  • Can be applied with minimal alteration of the natural, healthy tooth 
  • Supports natural chewing function by preserving the utmost structure
  • Holds up well with no further treatment necessary as long as good oral care is maintained
  • Is appropriate for patients with sensitivities or allergies to metals 

At Simply Wellness Dental, composite resin is a versatile material that serves multiple purposes. Phone our East Vancouver, BC team at (604) 229-5922 with questions and to learn more.