Stop tooth pain from cracked teeth, makeover your smile, and much more with versatile dental crowns

Are you worried about persistent or worsening pain from a cracked tooth? Have you always hated the shape of a tooth and felt that it detracts from the overall look of your smile? Versatile dental crowns may be in your future to resolve a variety of dental conditions as well as cosmetic concerns.

The crown procedure 

All treatments generally start with an initial visit to the Simply Wellness Dental office in East Vancouver, British Columbia. Drs Adi Nokiani, Ashleigh Sran, or Eric Quan will examine your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues. As needed, they can also discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals for treatment.

3D Crown

Dental crowns may be recommended to: 

  • Rebuild a broken tooth 
  • Strengthen a tooth that has been weakened due to decay
  • Restore a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy
  • Repair a large or worn dental filling 
  • Treat a tooth with a big cavity 
  • Replace a tooth as part of a dental bridge
  • Restore an implant when replacing a tooth 
  • Resolve severe cosmetic issues, such as a poorly shaped or deeply stained tooth 

As needed, our dentists will discuss alternatives to crowns. For restorative treatment, these alternatives include dental fillings, inlays, and onlays (partial crowns). For cosmetic treatment, options range from professional teeth whitening to bonding and veneers, depending on the nature of the cosmetic concern and other factors such as the type of discolouration and the location and function of the tooth. 

If we move forward with crown treatment, a variety of ceramic and metal materials can be used to make your restoration. Here again, factors such as the location and function of the tooth can play a role in our recommendations. Porcelain, for instance, may be advised as a particularly cosmetic material to rebuild highly visible front teeth.

Generally, the tooth is prepared by removing damaged tissue. An impressions is taken which is used to fabricate the permanent crown. A temporary crown is typically placed to protect the treatment site and to support healing. It is essential to get your permanent crown fixed promptly. Failure to do so can lead to further damage to the tooth – even to the tooth being lost. Once the crown is placed, it can last for many years with good care at home and professional care at the Simply Wellness Dental office in East Vancouver, BC. Call us today at (604) 229-5922 to learn more.