Stay in the game with Pro-Form® performance mouthguards

At Simply Wellness Dental, we are your “home” for trusted dentistry services in East Vancouver, British Columbia. Professional mouthguards designed by our dentists, Drs Adi Nokiani, Ashleigh Sran, and Eric Quan, are customized to fit your mouth. Due to this custom design, these oral appliances can best protect your teeth, gums, lips, and other tissues of the face and jaws from damage. They are appropriate for student-athletes as well as adults who engage in contact sports. We have elevated the sports mouthguard game by offering Pro-Form® custom performance mouthguards. 

Pro-Form’s competitive edge

The makers of Pro-Form®, Keystone Industries, report that more than 5 million teeth are lost each year due to injuries that are characterized as “sports-related.” The related costs amount to around $500 million. Pro-Form® positions itself as a significant investment and an essential, quality piece of equipment. 

Due to the precise design and formation of the mouthguards, the Pro-Form® stands out from other professional, customized sportsguards. They are designed from exact impressions of the athletes’/patients’ mouths. This impression and features, such as its pre-made laminated material, support utmost comfort and a snug fit and protection. The mouthguard also provides exceptional strength and durability, due to how two layers of material are laminated. This literally provides an extra layer of protection. Additionally, these mouthguards are BPA-free and do not contain latex or other common allergens or concerning substances. 

As a performance mouthguard, the Pro-Form® appliance does not inhibit your performance! They do not buckle under stress due to their superior tensile strength, yet they are not bulky. This slim, lightweight option allows you to breathe normally and does not affect speech. Your endurance, ability to communicate, and other skills vital to on-the-field or in-rink performance are maintained. Sports mouthguards that are easy to wear will be used as designed. When these devices do not fit well, are uncomfortable, or interfere with your respiration or ability to talk to your teammates or coach, they are less likely to be worn consistently or correctly. Then, these devices cannot “guard” or protect against injury. 

Simply Wellness Dental strives to keep you or your athlete in the game. During regular recall appointments, we also evaluate the condition of the mouthguard to ensure it is holding up well. These custom mouthguards are an essential piece of equipment, like a helmet or pads. You or your child deserve only the best when it comes to these defences against potentially traumatic, time-consuming, and costly injuries. 

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